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Tourist attractions in ranchi

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Tourist attractions

  • Jonha Falls – This is a popular tourist destination situated 40 km from the City.
  • Rajrappa Mandir About 65 km from Ranchi for the worship of Goddess Kali, known as Chhinnamastika. Also a tourist place; has great picnic spots.
  • Pahari Temple – Heart of the city
  • Durga Badi – Near Firayalal Chowk at the heart of the city.
  • Jagannathpur Temple – Built in the architectural style of Puri temples about 300 years old
  • Surya Temple – 38 km from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata NH Road
  • Parasnath or Shikharjee – A major pilgrimage of the Jain’s about 200 km from Ranchi in Girdih District.
  • Ramakrishna Mission and Ashram, Morabadi
  • Dewri Temple – 58 km from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata NH 33 road
  • Doranda Jain Mandir – 4 km from Ranchi
  • Head Quarters of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, situated about 200 metres from Ranchi railway station.
  • Buddha Vihar, Chhotanagpur Buddha Society, Nepal House, Doranda Ranchi.
  • Hirini Falls are One Of the Famous Falls of Ranchi (Jharkhand)
  • Tapoban Mandir – About 1 km from Ranchi Jn near Over Bridge at Nibaranpur, Ranchi.

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