34th National game “Hawk eye” Ranchi


finally  34th national game announced  will be ging from 12th to 26th feb , its good  news after a long delay  .   being in ranchi   i see the things  over here.

the govt working really well   for the welcome of people from different  parts of the country,   the transportation  is being  really updating , roads  and infrastructures  are  getting  better as days coming ,  for the stay  i  must say   there is many good hotels and restaurants  that can serve  quality food  and  living .

lets dicusss things one by one when peoples comes to ranchi   they must be  think about various things   where to start  .   for accomodation for players  there is   good  flats  and  caterings are  already done . so i feel that are enough to provide players  quality hospitality that they deserve to be , its a good  thing i see the  government wokring hard .

get more into from official website : http://www.34thnationalgamesjharkhand.in/

now comes  the peoples who comes from the different  parts of the country to watch the game  and differnat events . for that   there is many good hotels in ranchi   that suits all budgets , yes the main thing people concern  after accommodation is  food .  well i must say   being in ranchi i love the   taste and say  peoples can get south indian dishes even too .   for  quality foodthere is many   restaurants   that serve a  really  tasty   dishes .  about food i must say   people love the taste over here .

Must see hotels  and pho numbers that might help peoples:hotels-in-ranchi

Now comes   transportation  , for this  govt  planed  to run  city bus  to the   stadium  and  its also  a good thing  people never need to worry  about  getting   stadium in  right time.

There is many shopping malls ,  good departmental stores  ,  traditional  shops  thats  show the  unique   arts of jharkhand  . these  are some  important things peoples always  think first  .

Now comes  beauty of   jharkhand , there is many places  that peoples loves  to see

Must see my post  for places : amazing-places-ranchi

In last i must say   peoples must visit ranchi and enjoy the game, tradition , natural beauty  ,

All visitors are most welcome to my   city Ranchi  .