34th National game Jharkhand


The good  news  is  now the  most of the requirements for 34th national games  is mostly done,    Hopefully the  govt will  complete   basic requirements, roads , and the  transportation   and other  requirements  soon  in  coming days. Soon the  govt will announce the  schedule  of  national games  that will be held  in ranchi , the building and all sports  complex are really world class and even all the basic requirements    are  developing . now the  government working on  roads ,transportations etc . city bus is  an  good  approach but yet its  not implemented , hopefully soon this will be implement in ranchi , dhanbad and other   rush places  to  over come the pollution and  the traffic  issues .

Now  time   comes to get prepared  for the games   🙂  and enjoy the natural beauty of jharkhand .

Welcome to ranchi

for more information about the 3th national games in jharkhand  can visit official site :http://www.34thnationalgamesjharkhand.in/


  1. Good morning friend,its really very nice to see your blog on 34th national games.Government is yet to announce the date for 34th national games but is it like that every basic needs like good hospitality and management of games to be held in ranchi has been done?Because players from all over india are coming to participate and RANCHI needs to show its capability of handling these type of events.
    so can we raise such questions which needs to be addressed for 34th national games(Jharkhand).

  2. yeah you right on these issues , most of the construction works is done and all the grounds are ready to organize the national game now, yeah the government is not showing that much of seriousness yet on this issue, well i gone there to view the stadium its awsome , let see when the event will occer, about hospitality and management , many hotels in ranchi are ready to serve but it depends upon the guests throughout the country , lets hope for the best

  3. Nice to see some news, there is hardly any publicity from defunct Jharkhand government on this. When is the THE DATE?!!

    Btw, the Youtube video is nicely done, good to see sports facilities in Ranchi which can be used to uplift sports.

  4. wow wonderfull stadiums …..really world class..unbelievable …awesome…..stadia’s and games village…that should be used by the athletes and players…every one will enjoy ranchi national games…

  5. this historical event will be remembered by the whole world. it was wonderful to see khelgaon yesterday…….not less than an international games inaugration. well done jharkhand

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