986 players play for jharkhand


Its a  good news  today i read on news paper that  986 players will represent  for jharkhand in  differnat events ,  we must appreciate  the appraoch of players and  sure can say they really work hard to get into the game ,  might many hidden star will shine in this game .   i  wish  players from differant places play well for the game  and let   india wins .let the  unity of the peoples  wins  in this game .
The total number of  medals is as follows

g0ld  800

silver 800

copper 900

lets see who will take the medals and shine india  and their  states . i wish all players from different places of the country a warm welcome.

government really working  hard to  provide  the facilities to all players and  visitors .   all the  work  of the  game is done. it will be  big challenge  for the govt to prove them.

i wish   peoples enjoy and participate  in huge number and enjoy the  events , places , tradition ,  food .

sure i will also go visit some events   🙂