Anti-encroachment in ranchi


We just cant  demolish the  homes of  thousands of peoples without  setting any proper alternative.  what the people will eat , where they sleep  , what will happen to the kids  , there is many questions  comes in mind , we live in democratic  country and its the responsibility of   the government to think for the rights of the peoples . you just cant  do whats  you want to do  , appreciation comes  when we do things right way   and right time , its good to  demolish the illegal constrictions  in the state but its also needed to   do some  alternative for the peoples  even so they can at least survive .  they don’t have much money so they can   go and live other place, they don’t have much to eat , i ask what they do on in this situation  , living  in open sky  whole day, whole night , its hard to experienced such things. there is needed humanity thats above  everything .

yes  its also needed to  demolish  the illegal constructions  in the state to make  the city proper planed way  , its bad even people not understand their responsibility and makes  home in places that  are not belongs to them , whatever thats   are the irresponsibility  of some previous officials , now they  filling up their mistake . i say its not needed this way  , there  must needed some alternative  for them at least.   there is huge illegal constructions in the  ranchi city itself , its huge i say  , even  people make home in road  and  make the road  narrow . i  dont know whom to blame  as its  not happen in day   its happen from years .

even its bad to see  some politics  and  some party  trying to  use the peoples for their  benefits . we must  be united  regardless of  any personnel  benefits , we must avoid such parties who try any separations  among the people  or try to play any politics

Apprecoation only comes right way if we  keep the smile in face of the public  on same  time removing the illegal constructions. i hope government will  do  some alternate arrangements  for the peoples .

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