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Now its mid night ,   today i was sick   having some  fever  went to my doctor  ..  sometime its hard  to back on track  being game developer  still i need learn alot of things ,  lots of planing  but i know all need action to accomplish the  goal .  today i decided to  make schedule of  work  some time frame , still i need work alot to  achieve my goal .i need  start updating my technical blog same time  even my portfolio  is not even completed .  i promised  my friend  developer to  start a  texture website  which they can use in their games and app  still that  is pending .. i know i am  failed somewhere to manage my time  , expectation all where   .. i will try to  finish   those  work one  by one  this week .

Today  was  clear sky  .. i really like the  climate of ranchi  its good  but  road and  traffic is  still worse  ..   if the capital is like this  what to expect other part of state . well  let see  when some revolution will come  still long way to go .  have  great day   🙂   good nite  its almost 1 am ..  will continue next day

Back to Blogging


After few months again i decided to continue my blog..Today is not really auspicious day but when we start something its really new day. last night i sleep early around 12 mid night after updating the design layout of website , this time i focus on writing my own daily or weekly stuff along with updating photographs which i took wherever i go . late night i asked my critic friend to review the website well as per always his critic review never the website is upto the mark , His judgement hang with google page rank and SEO ( he is not technical person just he know technology) .. i cant explain everything but his critic review help me build the website better . in morning my mom comes to my room ask me wake up its 11 am .. i was still thinking oh must be 8 am , then i check my mobile to confirm myself. i go out to see newspaper updated myself with daily news the sky was still cloudy seems like it will rain very soon .

today i really have lots of work .. making plan where to start really lots of work today .

Happy New year


Happy New year 2012 Ranchi

may   your dream blossom and make you happy in many ways…

Have a wonderful  New year

New Hope New Sun Still Milles To Go jharkhand


Developments is the  word  i always hear and  keep hearing each day,  the day   when jharkhand   was  made ,Many Govenments   comes and  many goes  in  couple of years. Now  it more government based on understanding , its not about  understanding peoples but more  about  understanding  between  parties, whatever its a  not  major concern and sure its a part of  our democracy,  the important thing is development .  how development can be done  its also a major concern as  state is effected by naxal lot.

Dream is answer to many questions , sure i still hope  a developed jharkhand  where    some  good engineering collages  and medical collages comes where atleast student no need go  outside the state, development atleast i mean  have better medical support for the peoples, at least  educated unemployed  student gets job,  i haven’t seen these things till now other then many promises , words never justify  promises its   only the work  shows the reality.

I am  not blaming any person or party might be the day was wrong when jharkhand was made , well   i am not superstitious same time, just i want see  peoples happy here.Bihar  goes miles  forward and  jharkhand  still  struggling to get its  identity. each day is new  each hope is new, when we make our mind to develop our state sure nothing can stop us. i still hope the day  come when peoples from other states comes jharkhand  for  job and  talk about    jharkhand its nice state. Dreams are unlimited.

Deepawali Greetings


Wish you all a very happy Deepawali  filled with joy  and Prosperity

RANCHI : Important Helpline Telephone Numbers


RANCHI : Important Helpline Telephone Numbers

Ranchi (jharkhand ) std code :0651

Railway Reservation Inquiry- 136

Telephone Inquiry- 1971

State Tourism Bus Stand- 2314826

H.E.C., Hospital- 2408525

Ambulance Service (Indian Red Cross Society) – 834008, 308587

Ambulance Service (Rama Nursing Home) – 834001, 207290

R.M.C.H. Emergency- 2301555

Birsa Blood Bank- 834009, 315437

Red Cross Blood Bank -834005, 309290, 308587

Voluntary Blood Donor’s Association -834002, 500576

Other Services  : Ranchi

Chief Minister            2440300, 2307172

Chief Secretary            2403240, 2283819

Deputy Commissioner  2301003, 2360102

Railway Enquiry           2460488, 2461404

Railway Booking & Reservation  2461616

Reservation Enquiry  136

Station Manager, Ranchi 2460013, 2461404

Hatia Railway Booking  2408270

Fire Station, Doranda  2505049

Emergency Service  101

Indian Airlines              2501554, 2503255

Sahara Airlines              2501010, 2509106

Birsa Bus Stand  2301622, 2304328

State Tourism Bus Stand 2314826, 2306941

Telephone Enquiry  1971

Telephone Complaint  1981

Senior S.P.              2200237

City S.P.              2200898, 2360324

Rural S.P.              2200898, 2360324

C.O.                          2208378, 2281401

Police Stations:Ranchi

Kotwali               2200968

Sadar               2544625

Sukhdeo Nagar  2284509

Gonda               2232166

HindiPiri   2205409

Kanke               2230734

Bariatu              2542660

Doranda  2481057

Dhurwa              2408299

Jagannathpur  2442692

Argora              2242132

Gas Agency: Ranchi

Devi Gas Agency, Kanke Road      2233023

Foundry Forge Co.Op. Society Ltd. 2440916

Ranchi Gas Agency, Ratu Road      2512331

IndraPrasth Gas Agency      2311884, 2300884

BFC Gas Agency, Kadru      2241210

Jayant Gas Agency, Circular Road  2208615, 2310685

S.K.Gas Agency, Bariatu      2540130

Shashi Chand Gas Agency, Kadru  2242335

** Affix 0651 while calling from cell or outside Ranchi.

Vastu Tips For Student & Achemedicians


Vaastu Shastra can be beneficial for enhancing the education field and concentration in students. Some solutions need to be adheared to to enable your children to score well and concentrate on their studies.

The first and foremost thing is that the house itself should be Vastu complient.

Students should face East but those going for higher studies need to face North.

The entry of the study room should be from Northern N/E, Eastern N/E, Southern S/E or Western N/W.

Some points are mentioned below for the betterment of the students.

1. The study room should be located in the East, North or the North East of the house.

2. Studying and learning facing the East is recommended but for those going for higher studies North is favoured.

3. Make sure that your child is not studying sitting under a beam. If present go for a false ceiling or can be mended by interiors. Feng-Shui flute may not be effective.

4. Make sure that no mirror is left uncovered at the night.

5. Since pillars, columns, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc act as obstructions and destracts concentration, make sure to curve the edges.

Place the study table facing East or North (for achemedicians) to ensure that while studying the child is facing either of these directions. South not prefered at any cost.

6. Do keep the study table away from the wall.

7. There should be open space in front of the child to encourage fresh ideas and approach. The child should not have a door behind him.

8. Place a soothing painting or poster with soothing effect..Do not place the bookshelves on the Eastern wall and not above the study table in front.

9. Ensure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books.

10. A four legged wooden chair is best with a slight cushion.

11.The study room should be brightly lit or as per the need.

12. Adequate amount natural light & air is a must. While studying the shadow of the child should not fall on the study table.

12. A study lamp should be placed on the left to energize concentration.

13. The light should be bright but not too harsh on the eyes.

14. Children’s room should be vibrant and cheerful, avoid too much of dark and dull colours in this room.

15. Playing inspirational and soothing music in the children’s room is very effective as studies and music goes together, as the case may be.

16. An Aqarium can be placed in the study room.

17. Ensure that your child sleeps with his head towards East or South avoiding North.

18. Place some newspaper or comics as the student deserves near your child’s bedside or study table.

19. Hang framed certificates or display trophies etc won by the child on the South wall.

20.Lastly, some Yogic practices be practiced to increase concentration.

Subbir Kumar Datta

(Residential & Industrial

Vaastu Counsultant)