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Evalution of Vaastu


Evalution of Vaastu.

Vaastu means that which already exists – a mansion or a small house where we live with our family.

The story of Vaastupurush or the God of Vaastu is quite interesting. A battle was going on between Lord Shiva and the demon Andhakaasur. During the fight, a few drops of Lord Shiva’s sweat fell on the ground. From that arose the strong and powerful Vaastupurusha. On seeing him all the Gods got frightened and prayed to the Lord of Creation – Lord Brahma, to save them from this frightening creation.

Lord Brahma said “All of you together should bury him in the ground head first in such a way that his face points in north-east direction and the feet point in the south-west direction”. The Gods did as they were told. But Vaastu Purusha prayed to Lord Brahma and said “As of today, let all the gods and goddesses stay with me on the earth”. Lord Brahma blessed and said “Thathaatsu” ! From today all householders will first make an offering to you before any ceremony.”

Subbir Kumar Datta

(Residential & Industrial

Vaastu Counsultant)


bharat swabhiman


We  really need    corruption free India    , the  corruption increases that much its  unacceptable .  many corruption stories  building each day  , yes some  comes into light but many already  into the dark.  how it can be possible  to build a new India  , we are 121 crores of peoples  and many  uncounted .   How  to  move forward and think for the country . Swami ram dev   sure a name  in the crowed doing some impact  for the society , for the country .  its never been easy for him either to fight with the wolfs who wants to kill cow   all the way .  many   obstetrical comes , many  counter attack happens , many mind   game played to stop his campaign  but who stops a person who dedicated his life for the  service of human kind. after the yoga he  did lot changes in the life style of peoples.  he  did much  impacts  to the life  of peoples .  its not a matter  to see negative side  as other do  and claims all the time , its a matter to   see the contribution and results  and  justify  approach  right or wrong .

If  he  claiming about the  black money in millions and trillions of rupees   and other counter  attack him  to stop his campaign  its  truly unacceptable , Now things changed, peoples are educated  they know whats wrong or right , same time its the responsibility of peoples to move forward  against such  activities we cant just  watch news  as some entertainment but we must  do some reactions  same time , we cant  only  run when we see our home  burning  but we must  see  and respond when  our  country into fire , we are part of this country and  if it  effected by any thing sure it will effect our homes .   if we think for the better future and better life of  our family, our beloved ones we must  think for the   better nation which sure will responsible for building better  life.

Now time comes we must think beyond any religion  or any separation,  if  we assumed things will be fine that way , this way, this place  . i say  non of place is bad or good , non of people is bad  its depend on our mindset how we  lives with  such conditions.  we  are most intelligent  creation of god  and we know what is  right or wrong even  so its on  us  how  we make the environment better and  live happy .  We cant be  fooled  by the word of some  peoples who  trying  break the unity for  some of their personnel benefits , we have  our understandings and mind to justify  right or wrong and make the condition better .

Building India  cant be happen  unless  each peoples lives in the country be happy and have  fearless smile .   its still great to see the great culture of india and  its tradition, if we do  some united approach to  build our life better  this will  gives more satisfaction .  lets   move together  and makes our country better .  this is one india  one  earth we cant move to  other planet and  think for better life . please think again .

Many things happening in the city ranchi and even in dhanbad , i wish all people be happy ,  building nation means  to built  the people first  .

Life without home in jharkhand


Democracy is for the  people  and  sure by the people , Only the person understand who suffers in   life , logic or theories  wont work on such case. if need to  understand or feel the pain of homeless  better ask the peoples  who lives in open sky , its not like something natural disaster  like tsunami or earthquake  in jharkhand, they had home  but now  they live in  open sky  , some  are capable  to hire rent rooms but what about them who earn daily , even we know the truth how many peoples lives  below  poverty line may be more then 40% in india  i dont  know the actual figure yet   but sure  i seen  40 peoples out of 100 like that  in jharkhand  avg .   In ranchi   its more  like disaster comes to  the life of peoples ,  they did few mistake to  build home in  government plot, but  i just ask a question  who is government its public or  some few peoples who  public did  mistake to  forward for them  for the betterment of their life . its true  the new  state jharkhand always  had lots of drama in past  may be political or economical .  i don’t have any intension to  target any person  or political parties , i just wants to show them their responsibilities .  some says   its important for the development of state in planed way  to make ranchi and  other parts of the state beautiful  , i just ask one question how it can be beautiful   unless  the smile of the peoples in jharkhand .

Its good court orders comes but  where did go the responsibility of  government in years , the law is equal to all  peoples and we must respect that .  its the responsibility of the jharkhand government  to do that in previous years  but they failed, well the past of the state is full of   loot, some did  4000 crores of loot  and some  still behind the scene ,  its bad even to see  government  changes random in  six months or a year  in past ,  i don’t see any developments  in part of the state  that all even know , if we see bog buildings i say that  all done by private sector  not the government, may be i say this  because of  dissatisfaction i feel inside myself  to see in front state   looted by  corrupted peoples ,  when i see bihar and  jharkhand  its like huge  changes come  between us  better they  must be happy for that partition now i feel.There is many words inside inside heart when i see my state .

Now days  its  being  like a fear  ruling the heart of the people in  ranchi, dhanbad , bokaro, jamshedpur and sure other parts in jharkhand . being in ranchi sure i see the story   inside the city .  every morning i wakeup and see the news paper  and the destructions photos . what the  mistake  did the innocent   peoples  who lives below poverty line , may be we know and talk about that but the crisis only that  person feel who suffering now , just waiting  or hoping some  miracle may  happen so  they have  at least below poverty line  not the  line  below  they had no hope about life.   its not like god created  and he will adjust the food , its not always   applicable .  many places are on target   and peoples who live there can see the  destructions .  its like they dreaming  all days and night .  i dont see any humanity  i dont see any human rights being protected ,  its is not right to have  home . what the people will do in such case some  sure  struggle and try hard but what about the   coming generation who loosing the believe on government. state is   being  suffering from lots of naxal   that we all know, they   are  our people who  diverted because of dissatisfaction .

Its the time comes to save the peoples atleast for humanity and  jharkhand govenment must needed to   take appropriate  action  so atleast peoples get new homes as soon as  possible .  then other action can be taken to  clean the places where  illegal constructions are made.  its more important  to  keep the smile on the  faces of  peoples  and save humanity , its  more important then save  tigers i feel .

Ranchi is my city and i love my peoples .

Ram navami in ranchi


When comes ram navami in ranchi  , it always being excited like each  year  , the celebration started  weeks  back   with lots of energy among the peoples .   its like the tradition that always lives  in the city   getting bigger and better  with each year  .  sometime you cant express things  unless  we see live .  for me sure  it always bigger and better each year . its  the time  when  you feel the bhakti among the mass of peoples  who devoted toward the bhakti of   hanuman and sri ram  .

The story begins   weeks  before  each night  having   “Astra Sastra” competition  among the various groups   in ranchi   in different  places . its  great to see the  energy among the peoples.   in dhurwa  and some other other places   in ranchi having  ” ramlila” .    in astrami  evening  many  “shobha yatra”   runs on the road showing the different scene from the epics of  Hinduism particularly  Ramayana.   the real things   yet to come on  navami   all waits for  that day.

On navami    for me  its always excited to see the   flags  of  different  size and and color  on the road  approaching toward the   temple  near over bridge  in ranchi . its not in hundreds  but u  cant  even count in thousands its many .  with name of   god hanuman and  with the  words of sri ram  all    moves   toward the destination .   most of the peoples are equipped with  traditional weapons  and moves  along with the flag  to show the win of  good over the bad . its good for the kids to see  varous  avatars   from the epics of Ramayana .   the whole  environment is    filled with tradition,  devotion , unity  and sure love and affection among each other.  for me ranchi   is the best place to live in . may be  not much developed but still rich in tradition  and  sure friendly peoples .

Anti-encroachment in ranchi


We just cant  demolish the  homes of  thousands of peoples without  setting any proper alternative.  what the people will eat , where they sleep  , what will happen to the kids  , there is many questions  comes in mind , we live in democratic  country and its the responsibility of   the government to think for the rights of the peoples . you just cant  do whats  you want to do  , appreciation comes  when we do things right way   and right time , its good to  demolish the illegal constrictions  in the state but its also needed to   do some  alternative for the peoples  even so they can at least survive .  they don’t have much money so they can   go and live other place, they don’t have much to eat , i ask what they do on in this situation  , living  in open sky  whole day, whole night , its hard to experienced such things. there is needed humanity thats above  everything .

yes  its also needed to  demolish  the illegal constructions  in the state to make  the city proper planed way  , its bad even people not understand their responsibility and makes  home in places that  are not belongs to them , whatever thats   are the irresponsibility  of some previous officials , now they  filling up their mistake . i say its not needed this way  , there  must needed some alternative  for them at least.   there is huge illegal constructions in the  ranchi city itself , its huge i say  , even  people make home in road  and  make the road  narrow . i  dont know whom to blame  as its  not happen in day   its happen from years .

even its bad to see  some politics  and  some party  trying to  use the peoples for their  benefits . we must  be united  regardless of  any personnel  benefits , we must avoid such parties who try any separations  among the people  or try to play any politics

Apprecoation only comes right way if we  keep the smile in face of the public  on same  time removing the illegal constructions. i hope government will  do  some alternate arrangements  for the peoples .

Holi in Ranchi


After the basant panchami , we start feeling holi is near . for me each year something happens i love to be with my friends each year and play holi a lot.sure today is Thursday march 17 2011 4:08 pm . yes its bit detailed but its great when we go on depth . i am not a good writer i just write whats come on mind nothing more then that . holi is just not about the color or religious belief is more about the internal feeling that comes inside us like a blooming flower , the fragrance of the spring we can feel inside us .
Many songs on holi is all about colors and love . last year i had my college project so i didn’t play holi really but this year i had some excitement. yes the tragedy of japan makes the color dull and sure we need hope for the best and i pray god for their betterment. i wish with holi all colors back to japan the way it was.
This year with scarcity of water in Ranchi , i decided to play just the ” tilak holi” but its also depends on my friends how they react on me , sure like each year they will try to make me colorful from top to bottom .I will try to convince them but i am not sure they listen me or not . whatever holi is festival you cant say no to no body and meet all peoples with same smile and happiness .yes ranchi peoples are  great on holi.
This weekend i will read some books on lord krishna, i buy some books on book fair last month . i hope some good days will come on coming month with lots of hope


Its time come to declare the Property of Govt offcials in jharkhand


Why we waiting and not implementing like bihar mr nitish kumar did in the state to announce the property of all Govt officials in the state . i think thats a great approach done by bihar to stop corruption to much extent. when we see bihar and jharkhand many things changed , bihar really did alot of development in many ways even suffer from a lot destruction by flood in last year , where is jharkhand i just ask simple question and sure who is responsible for that . i dont want talk about madhu koda at all what he did sure he will suffer for that . i say in coming year its need we understand our social responsibility and vote to the government who really works .

Whatever happen is gone and it never worth we talk about that even but sure we need make our future better taking some lesson from our past. we need support good things and oppose bad things . as bihar did make compulsary for officials to declare their property we need allow implement that in jharkhand. we all know how much extent the corruption in the state , even Govt officials not follows the mla and mps who are the public representative . its never beeing good if things goes that way . i dont know what they do with lots of money , materialistic life always seems good but satisfation always comes when we do something really good things and there is no good things other then serving for humanity and helping peoples and nature.

I am not saying all are corrupted but corruption is all where, we must stop it and work for the betterment of peoples .