Evalution of Vaastu


Evalution of Vaastu.

Vaastu means that which already exists – a mansion or a small house where we live with our family.

The story of Vaastupurush or the God of Vaastu is quite interesting. A battle was going on between Lord Shiva and the demon Andhakaasur. During the fight, a few drops of Lord Shiva’s sweat fell on the ground. From that arose the strong and powerful Vaastupurusha. On seeing him all the Gods got frightened and prayed to the Lord of Creation – Lord Brahma, to save them from this frightening creation.

Lord Brahma said “All of you together should bury him in the ground head first in such a way that his face points in north-east direction and the feet point in the south-west direction”. The Gods did as they were told. But Vaastu Purusha prayed to Lord Brahma and said “As of today, let all the gods and goddesses stay with me on the earth”. Lord Brahma blessed and said “Thathaatsu” ! From today all householders will first make an offering to you before any ceremony.”

Subbir Kumar Datta

(Residential & Industrial

Vaastu Counsultant)


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