Great work by jharkhand high court on making city standard


When i see things from years many orders come but never be implemented by the government officials in jharkhand , many illegal building are made on the road , non of officials come and stop such illegal construction and slowly peoples make home on bank of river in ranchi   , side of roads and other government plots, things are not done in a day it happen from many years and its bad no one come and stop such things , its the responsibility of society but its more the responsibility of government officials to check such things , now as the population grows now we facing alot of problem related to traffic on road as road gets narrow .
people in ranchi  even did lots of illegal constructions on side of road , bank of rivers . many homes are made without caring any rules and regulations . i don’t say its mistake done by peoples only, what they do if they need make home and the officials doing a lot of drama on passing their maps for building, there must be some defined time for passing the map of house but corruption all where. nothing happen without money on back door even legal things . its being habits of officials i guess , i appreciate the work done by bihar government to make compulsory for all officials to announce their whole property sure that will be worse for all officials on jharkhand but i say its really needed to stop such corruptions.

well its time to talk about sure the great work i even seen in ranchi basically by the court to monitors things and sure ensure the implementation of the work. i glad to see chief justice to check the areas which having lots of illegal constructions. now its time come to implement things and make our city beautiful and even risk free, many road are around 5 feets i think thats sure the alarm in coming days if any incident occurs like fire not even the cycle can enter on such region . sure that time many questions will arise buts its important if we safeguard peoples early rather then waiting something bad to happen.

Many road in ranchi  chutia , hindpiri , kokar , lalpur interior , katatoli the roads are very narrow , its most in chutia reagion its needed to survey such region and clear the road from illegal construction . i dont know why people even make the home on road, put the fontier on the road , its bad we just care for ourself and never care about the other peoples , we always forget our social responsibility even .

now some hope i see on the ranchi  city that something may be happen for the betterment of peoples , if we cant support to make our city ranchi  better we sure make our city or state in backward instead of forward. i say support the good works that needed and sure oppose bad things in the society .