Holi in Ranchi


After the basant panchami , we start feeling holi is near . for me each year something happens i love to be with my friends each year and play holi a lot.sure today is Thursday march 17 2011 4:08 pm . yes its bit detailed but its great when we go on depth . i am not a good writer i just write whats come on mind nothing more then that . holi is just not about the color or religious belief is more about the internal feeling that comes inside us like a blooming flower , the fragrance of the spring we can feel inside us .
Many songs on holi is all about colors and love . last year i had my college project so i didn’t play holi really but this year i had some excitement. yes the tragedy of japan makes the color dull and sure we need hope for the best and i pray god for their betterment. i wish with holi all colors back to japan the way it was.
This year with scarcity of water in Ranchi , i decided to play just the ” tilak holi” but its also depends on my friends how they react on me , sure like each year they will try to make me colorful from top to bottom .I will try to convince them but i am not sure they listen me or not . whatever holi is festival you cant say no to no body and meet all peoples with same smile and happiness .yes ranchi peoples are ¬†great on holi.
This weekend i will read some books on lord krishna, i buy some books on book fair last month . i hope some good days will come on coming month with lots of hope