Interesting and Amazing Information on Lions –Worth Read


The roar of a male lion can be heard from a distance of, as much as, five miles.
Lions usually live in groups, known as ‘Prides’. However, many males and few females lead a nomadic life also.
There can be up to 40 members in a pride, with over half of them being cubs and young adults.
The number of males in a pride can vary from just one to as many as seven.
The largest lion till date was almost 11 feet long and weighed nearly 700 pounds.
Lions do not eat an entire kill in most of the cases. Other predators, like hyenas and vultures, have been known to finish the kill of a lion.
The male lions of a group hardly hunt. The lionesses are the ones who hunt and bring the food for the entire pride.
Even though lionesses make the hunt, they eat the prey only after the males have had their full. The cubs eat after the lionesses.
The lionesses who do not take part in the hunt ‘baby-sit’ the cubs.
The eyesight of a lion is five times better than that of a human. It can even hear a prey from a distance of one mile.
The sense of smell of a lion is so sharp that it can not only tell if prey is nearby, but also ascertain how long ago it was in the area.
After eating, a thirsty lion may drink for as long as 20 minutes.
In the ancient times, many communities though lions to be magical creatures and worshipped them as ‘Gods’.
Lionesses usually stay with the pride throughout their life. However, young lions are driven out.
Lions mark their territories either through scent deposits or by scratching marks on the trees.
Lion is the only member of the cat family to have a tassel at the tip of the tail.
Lions as well as lionesses rub each other in greeting.