Its time come to declare the Property of Govt offcials in jharkhand


Why we waiting and not implementing like bihar mr nitish kumar did in the state to announce the property of all Govt officials in the state . i think thats a great approach done by bihar to stop corruption to much extent. when we see bihar and jharkhand many things changed , bihar really did alot of development in many ways even suffer from a lot destruction by flood in last year , where is jharkhand i just ask simple question and sure who is responsible for that . i dont want talk about madhu koda at all what he did sure he will suffer for that . i say in coming year its need we understand our social responsibility and vote to the government who really works .

Whatever happen is gone and it never worth we talk about that even but sure we need make our future better taking some lesson from our past. we need support good things and oppose bad things . as bihar did make compulsary for officials to declare their property we need allow implement that in jharkhand. we all know how much extent the corruption in the state , even Govt officials not follows the mla and mps who are the public representative . its never beeing good if things goes that way . i dont know what they do with lots of money , materialistic life always seems good but satisfation always comes when we do something really good things and there is no good things other then serving for humanity and helping peoples and nature.

I am not saying all are corrupted but corruption is all where, we must stop it and work for the betterment of peoples .