jharkhand premier league ( jpl) in Ranchi


Its  good to see jharkhand premier league ( jpl) in the state . the  five teams  ranchi , bokaro , dhanbad , singhbhoom , jamshedpur  teams  on  fire. is great to see matches on ten cricket   if missed live in stadium. its great approach done by the state to  give platform to the new talents  to   show  their potential.  the new statdium in almost ready to play in ranchi   i hope with coming years some  good international matches  sure will be done in the city, its sure a new chapter added in the  book of ranchi ,  ranchi is full of cricket fans  and all love cricket  , just it need some push  .

after the  34th national game its  good  beginning done by  the  state  and  sure state cricket board. its good to see manoj towari  , sunil setty  in ranchi   to cheers the  players and support them.