Jharkhand rocks at 34th National game


Jharkhand  shown the improved potential in 34th national game  and get 33  gold , 26 silver and 37 bronze.   96 medals by jharkhand shown the emerging potential of the state . if the players gets   good opportunity better condition   for practice   sure they  perform much better .  its great improvement  after 2007 at guwahati games were state placed  15th and now this time 5th thats sure a great improvement .  now i think the government and other officials  start working for the development of the players .  we cant win all the time  but its important we give good fight to the  player infront.  its important we improving  with days sure in coming days   we do much better performance.  in hockey at the last  we  lost the game  but  from that sure we perform better , its not possible we win all time  but  we always try to give better performance .  i  congrats all players  of the state who  participate in game  shown the potential of the state.

Fabulous  closing  ceremony done  by  the state on 34th national game. at the beginning lots of speeches , some speeches really worth . its good news  the  sports complex will be developed to sports  university  , the players are rewarded  some good amount that will sure encourage the other  players to perform well .  the gold medalist will get 7 lac , silver will get  5 lac  and  bronze will get 3 lac from the state  government .  sure the  coach also get some award because of their hard works  .

The  events  are really good  just  lack some continuity,  overall its the best national game ever held . the team of mukul nayak perform well .   all peoples waits for katrina  sure for , shila ki jawani’   but she perform  not for that song , however all peoples enjoyed a lot  all the way  .  it was great  closing ceremony  with all colors .