Jonha Fall Ranchi


jonha   is about 40 km from ranchi  city  on   ranchi- purulia highway,  there is also  gautam buddha temple and  the fall is  named after him as gautamdhara, its a popular picnic spot and having  maximum  rush in the month of   December and January as peoples  go there to celebrate  new years with family and friends.

its having great view , as surrounded  by  rich flora a and  fauna    beside  kanchi  river .

peoples of that place are very helpful and   through tourist they  earn by selling  the  different  types of  art on  woods ,  like  flower made of wood  with great finishing,  one thing i saw they made  all  great arts on wood from cutting to finishing by using only axe.

moreover its  great place to visit to see the real beauti of nature  and   to see the  diversity and unity of  jharkhand  culture.