Master plan in Ranchi is Destruction plan?


Its always good to see  wide road and sure clean city.  plan never be made in single day and implemented in single day but  you  keep making plans and implementing  after each month it wont worth it all  . if  government made master plan why taking long time to implement .  first    do as per as nagar nigam map , later you decided to follow master plan made in 80’s  later  you wants  follow new master plan , then again you decided to make another masterplan .

I watch things every year and  its being normal i see the nagar nigam  or RRDA   keep measuring from years and  make different marks each year  . they even dont know where is central point  and where to measure  things .  being as citizen its my right or  my duty to keep things in front of peoples  or the government to  reconsider things  or  justify the working pattern  of the RRDA and nagarnigar  .   if they measuirng  road  they need to finish that on that area  first then  go to another area , some day they measure on  ranchi raily station road  later they measure in harmu  road then sure lalpur chauk .  i feel its like they   just effecting the peoples living  side of these roads .  its bad when you keep measuring each month and irritating peoples .

I Appreciate the  orders of court  and its bad to see  the nagarnigar or RRDA not implementing it that way  .  this time   court is much serious  about the city and  really good to see  some work is going on .  i will be much better  if   govenment will do the things on planed manner  from one end to  other end  .   if government wants  implement any plan   better implement it now  rather  then  just measuing and making notices  to the peoples .

From several months the bussiness of  MG Road( main road) is getting worse .  i personelly dont like  to main road to buy things as no space for  parking ,  if you park for  few minutes   sure police  watching you and  cut a fine  for  no parking zone   even hangs the car  or bike  badly to police station , they hang cars and  bike like  some waste material  disposal   they dont care  how much they   damage the cars or bike  i say its bad .

We are living in republic  country and  government are made  by us and  for us we  .  its the responsibility of government  to  consider for the rights of people .  yes i already see alot of  reforms  but we need to do more , when i see bihar now  jharkhand is still away  .

sorry  i  gets little emotional  for my state  but  sure  its needed changes but sure in planed way  . if  government  making the city beautiful its always good but without the smile of the peoples  it wont looks  beautiful  , the government must  do anything after considering   for the peoples . they need make masterplan   and implement fast   and sure same time  do some  alternative  for the   peoples who live  and  whose income depends on the  side or roads .  state government need to take steps to develop markets along with parking  facilities  .

Nothing impossible as this been shown by the bihar  , let see its turn for jharkhand or sure people will go for change in coming year of election.