New Hope New Sun Still Milles To Go jharkhand


Developments is the  word  i always hear and  keep hearing each day,  the day   when jharkhand   was  made ,Many Govenments   comes and  many goes  in  couple of years. Now  it more government based on understanding , its not about  understanding peoples but more  about  understanding  between  parties, whatever its a  not  major concern and sure its a part of  our democracy,  the important thing is development .  how development can be done  its also a major concern as  state is effected by naxal lot.

Dream is answer to many questions , sure i still hope  a developed jharkhand  where    some  good engineering collages  and medical collages comes where atleast student no need go  outside the state, development atleast i mean  have better medical support for the peoples, at least  educated unemployed  student gets job,  i haven’t seen these things till now other then many promises , words never justify  promises its   only the work  shows the reality.

I am  not blaming any person or party might be the day was wrong when jharkhand was made , well   i am not superstitious same time, just i want see  peoples happy here.Bihar  goes miles  forward and  jharkhand  still  struggling to get its  identity. each day is new  each hope is new, when we make our mind to develop our state sure nothing can stop us. i still hope the day  come when peoples from other states comes jharkhand  for  job and  talk about    jharkhand its nice state. Dreams are unlimited.

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Myself Amit from Ranchi ( jharkhand) ,By profession i am Game developer Ranchi where i grow and see things so near ,many ups a and down , for me its best place to live & have great time with my Friends