polythene still not banned in jharkhand


Health is wealth  we all know  but how to  live healthy life in pollution .  i  know  we being used to  living in pollution  but we also see alot of diseases and increasing number of  patients . we must live in  fresh air , thats real life . we cant compromise with  living healthy life .  there already lots of vehicals , alot of pollution in air , for fast life we cant go slow  and  being fast means we also die early .  however   there many thing we need stop which is not possible in  practical  but sure  what we can do is  to minimize  it . polythene  i can say   its kills  , its a  poison . its not degradable , when you burn  it its pollutes air  with harmful gas . when you left it it pollutes  soil  and stay in soil . Indian  government makes rules  but the most important thing we must follow  it , why  still polythene is  being used in jharkhand ,  what are the reports that  state  government waiting to  approve  ,  we all know its harmful effects  but still  it is  being used , appreciate some local news papers that always  shout for it  but its bad to see only words rather then implementations , officials must understand their duty  and   implement things thats needed  urgent for the peoples . we cant  buy medicines all time rather then searching  way to cure it .

We cant  give  the future genration such life .  i request peoples in the  jharkhand and sure other part of the  world  to   actively oppose things thats  effects the  life, i wish  govenment also bann , pan masala and cigarates  thats are  major carcinogens  for cancer  and other bad diseases.  in gujrat its good to hear  alcohols  are banned , some time its good to   take some decisions  for the favour of peoples life .  i dont say   take immediate  actions  but we  should  do whats really needed for good  society and good life . we cant let  our  comming generations live such life .

polythene , gutkha( pan masala) cigarates these things atleast banned on  jharkhand .  its imporatnt what we do ,  i request govenment  and other officials to take decision   for the betterment of the peoples .  we are human and we must think for each other . i request peoples to oppose theses products  . i request to   aware govenment to  take appropriate action   to ban  such products .