I pleased  to announce  a new website www.radhekrishna.in devoted for  lord krishna , the theme of the website is to present the beauty  of lord  krishna and  Radha .   recently i completed the  design  of the website and  soon will start write articles for the website ,  i will try to present the scattered informations  into one place ,  the website will contains bhajans , teachings of lord krishna  and the  beauty of love , the images from different temples .Its not easy to  manage website  , i welcome  peoples who will contribute to this website   by any way  , writing articles , giving views.

I thank to the  theousands of  viewers of  Ranchilive ,   now the ranchilive will be updated dailybase try to bring few  important  topic . i welcomes writters  who like to   write for the website and being part of  my Approch .

My techical website   www.sitescode.com is  verymuch appreciated by the  thousand of  users around the world  to help software developers ., i wish  more and more student will participate  , share the informations  and help each other




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Myself Amit from Ranchi ( jharkhand) ,By profession i am Game developer Ranchi where i grow and see things so near ,many ups a and down , for me its best place to live & have great time with my Friends