Ram navami in ranchi


When comes ram navami in ranchi  , it always being excited like each  year  , the celebration started  weeks  back   with lots of energy among the peoples .   its like the tradition that always lives  in the city   getting bigger and better  with each year  .  sometime you cant express things  unless  we see live .  for me sure  it always bigger and better each year . its  the time  when  you feel the bhakti among the mass of peoples  who devoted toward the bhakti of   hanuman and sri ram  .

The story begins   weeks  before  each night  having   “Astra Sastra” competition  among the various groups   in ranchi   in different  places . its  great to see the  energy among the peoples.   in dhurwa  and some other other places   in ranchi having  ” ramlila” .    in astrami  evening  many  “shobha yatra”   runs on the road showing the different scene from the epics of  Hinduism particularly  Ramayana.   the real things   yet to come on  navami   all waits for  that day.

On navami    for me  its always excited to see the   flags  of  different  size and and color  on the road  approaching toward the   temple  near over bridge  in ranchi . its not in hundreds  but u  cant  even count in thousands its many .  with name of   god hanuman and  with the  words of sri ram  all    moves   toward the destination .   most of the peoples are equipped with  traditional weapons  and moves  along with the flag  to show the win of  good over the bad . its good for the kids to see  varous  avatars   from the epics of Ramayana .   the whole  environment is    filled with tradition,  devotion , unity  and sure love and affection among each other.  for me ranchi   is the best place to live in . may be  not much developed but still rich in tradition  and  sure friendly peoples .

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Myself Amit from Ranchi ( jharkhand) ,By profession i am Game developer Ranchi where i grow and see things so near ,many ups a and down , for me its best place to live & have great time with my Friends