Ranchi City Life


Lots of things are  changed  in the  ranchi  many shopping malls  has   open  in recent years  like  Reliance mega mart on  kanke  road  near  rock garden , that is really wonderful place to go and buy the goods  on parallel  there  big bazar the big success name in the city because of its  location in the  heart of the  city as in the MG road  near sujata  chauk   ranchi.  Yes  about the Reliace  fresh peoples  now getting  more from the previous years .well the  Big shop still the  big name  for the garment on the city  its on church  complex   opposite of sainik market ranchi,  yeah  the  place for  muti brand  garments .   even   kolkata bazar, city  Bazar,  vishal garment and  many more changes  the life   style of peoples in the city.

here me trying to list the   major  places  for buying the  day today goods

1. Reliance Mega mart : its near  Kanke Road   Ranchi

2. Big bazar: place  for all your needs  yeah definitely cheaper some how.

3. Big  shop:  in church complex ranchi place ofr  multi brand  yeah not  the cheap one  for all.

4. kashmir  vastralaya:   in MG road  ranchi ,the place   for  high ranges   of  quality and price , best go to buy saries and  wedding dress

5.Vishal garment:  in MG  road  ranchi  ,The   shop for common  man , i saw  the   price is   optimal and  promising for all.

6. charle outlaw: near   panchwati complex even in  hari om tower  ranchi.

well  these are few  name   in the city but there is  hundreds of  shops and places  that   worth visiting  and promising completive  price .

Well might you think i am  advertising the places  but   me trying to provide  information about the place s  thats  it  ,now the life style of the ranchi peoples   changed a  lot in coming years,

Lets talk about the  Restaurant  that really  comes  into the mouth of the peoples   and even i  had some personal reviews on that.

1.kaveri restaurent :its on the church complex   MG road  ranchi  also called  main road . yes this is the old name  and still  rules  in the mouth of the peoples  but  i think in   recent days it lacks the old taste .. yeah that my experience   on last visit.

2.Anand Vatika:  its  near  lalapur  going toward  kachari road  toward  hari om tower .A new  emerging name  , yes  what attract  me here is the taste and  the price both is good , even i like the best thing  there is  big liitii and  chokaa , that ws really awesome.

3.Seasons: Might  many peoples  does  not know about this but  i say its excellent place yet for me , quality service and  quality foods  its near   lalpur chauk  going toward  plaza  about 100 meters.

4.palash: if  you like a  calm place and  if u drinks a little  with comfort then palash is  the best name , yeah its little expansive as compared to regular  places but really quality service and secrecy 😉 , yes it had  bar and restaurant both .

5.kathi kabab: its on  MG road ranchi so called main road , yeah its best place for  non  vegetrain items .

6. krasna :  still the  old name  , yeah  lacks the standard but still the chawmin  i like  from them.

7. angethi : new  name  near siram toli chauk  toward   sujata  cinema.   well yet i did’t tried it  but sure  will go  soon.

well well there is many  restaurant  on the city   so   its based on the peoples   what they like and  what is near to them .

will  update  soon more  informations  thanks