Ranchi -Ready for 34th national game


Today the great day as the  national game is about to begin, i welcome all peoples from the different parts of the country ,  all the  artist are ready   to  show their potential to represent the culture of jharkhand ,  many movie star  ready for the event   here and  all getting ready as time coming   near  to the event  , yes i am also getting ready   and preparing myself , yes i miss as i am going there as  normal   visitor  ,not   representing any press  or any  media . whatever sure i will try to   provide  as much as  the things i see there with my eye  but its always being awesome when  we see the things live  .   i feel great proud to  be in ranchi and welcome peoples from different  places , i meet few peoples and  its great when they say ” things really great here” . total 35 teams from the  various states  come here  ,  3 places where event  to be happen : ranchi , dhanbad, jamshedpur .  total 20 stadiums    for different events. its great to see  6911  players that will fight for 1460 medals .

Today   about 35000 peoples will see the  grand opening of the  34th national game in the stadium  .   yes  thats really huge.

yup  let me get ready for the event  .