Save water ranchi


In the beginning of summer   at the start the water level of  dams  and  river getting low , its  getting worse  day by day  ,  well its not happen in day  . many reasons for this water problems , we just cant blame nature  , we are also responsible for that  .   i think most of the homes in ranchi have deep boring  and  still having deep  boring  now days boring  getting failed even 900 feets .  there is no such water harvesting  for the houses  no such plans  implemented fast by the government or nor even any ways to   stop such deep borings . if government makes rules for deep boring that will be one more chapter in the  book of  corruption  .  for water supply even  people getting  dirty water  in many areas  even  supply is  not even adequate .

I say thing naver happen  by words for  that  need implementations , as summer comes   we get worry about water problems as it goes all    quite as no body things for future rather then present   even  government also gets quite .   there is many  encroachments  in banks of  river  even people makes homes in bank of  river like swarnarekha , hamru river .  this is not happen in months but happen  in many years  , its even not easy for government to   remove them.   even  i seen the water of swarnarekha  its worse i just say in single line .  they need to work  in the cleaning the river  rather then waiting  for  rainy season to come  and  flash the  river .  it wont make any sense at all .

just say word save water makes  lots of crowd but  now its need implementation both  by the peoples and  government of the state, making the budget of 33 thousand crore   only worth if some real implementation come into existence. many   great people rule the state like koda  just agreat example that  makes our state  highlighted  in the world , also we never forget such names in the history of jharkhand .

lets talk about save water as many things required to be save .  forest,  legal cutting of  tress getting  more and more with days , its hard to see what forest department doing. the  water level  of the  city getting down  with years and now need some  good plans  to have adequate water  for the  state .  also its need to  clean the  rivers  , we cant ignore this as many people totally depend on river  each they bath or  use  as drinking purpose .  its need to   clean the homes that  are made in  the river and made the river  more narrow , its time come to take strict  actions  so only the ranchi can be saved  in coming year and develop right way  .

we  need to think for  future we just cant struck with present and let destroy the future. i appreciate the role of  local newapaper who always  putting farward the news that all needed .

to save water we need start implementing from ourside  lets begin it and make  it better for next year  and sure coming year .