still Jharkhand poor


when some report comes it has some reality , yes it true the land reality is  more worse  then it presented. let some  reports  today i read  news paper leading newspaper of ranchi .  Montek Singh Ahluwalia wriiten a letter to the chief minister of jharkhand  to work  in the present condition of jharkhand .  still  jharkhand leading from the bottom.well i   love my state just dont want use  any other term  rather then progress  may be  on negative .  well  lets go inside the letter  still jharkhand  leading from bottom   of all states , the  peoples in jharkhand  have  yearly income of   16249 in avg in (2008-2009) as report says , but i  feel avg always comes from adding top and bottom  but  no body specifies the bottom lines , but the avg  national income per  person is 25,494 .  now lets see next   the female literacy rate is  38.9 %   and  the  male  literact rate is 67.3%.

let me laugh a  while  and think again ,  peoples does not  let  female to go school or govt not working for their educations , well  from the last  fact  people dont have money to eat   then how  do they   think for education  . i dont see many industries came from last 10 years  when the state has been made, yes sure i see  chief minister like madhu kodha, atleast he made alot of money ofr his family and friends . may be  this is not major  crime  who knows .    sorry i gets more emotional  , now let see other on the report   well   let me read . omg   the death rate of people is 312/lac   which is much  worse then  the whole country avg  death date  ie 254 /lac, well  i think it will sure  not specified well  must be more  as we eat then only survive  sure  who dont have  food must die , i dont think  all make  certificate  for death   in villages and other  areas  and i dont think officials knows many  .

Now lets see ,   the electricity  supply per unit is 7 rs  but  tarrif  is 2.70 per unit  , now they wants to minimise the gap , well  people  dont have to eat  now they must pay electricity  bill increased  let see what govt will do . now  for the science  and technology  comes   its says the govt must work to  develolop a vision for it , i dont see from last  10 years , thank god , BIT mesra  still in state.

Now it says   the govt need to work on ” unique identification  number”   that must be used for  upliftment of peoples , well   its good thing but   the govt need to work on this and  i will wait when they start .

Well i am not targettng anybody  , i dont have any intension but  i am really angry and sad for my state what  some political peoples did to my state , its good to make   plans and i appreciate such plans , but  making plans is easy   but implementing  them is a real thing ,  now  recenly i see govt put vat on cloths , when peoples not  have much incomes it dont think it could be right step to   put vat and other taxes  ,  they must first work for  generating  for opening new  industries , generating new jobs , how the peoples  gives  taxes , they still give , income  tax, road tax , water tax,  tax on medciine,  tax  and tax  , i  dont know the  govenment is made for  people or  people made for   govenment .

we all are human and we must  work for the upliftment of all  we cant ignore any part of the society .