Vaastu for corporates and real estate developers


Vaastu has an impact on real-estate pricing so, think before buying an appartment.

The elements of Vaastu have come to play a role in the real estate market.

Property dealers and developers say people are concerned with Vaastu factor while buying a property. Looking for Vaastu conforming properties, positioning things within the house according to the directions specified by Vaastu. Trends are fast catching up. It is no more surprising to see builders advertising that their buildings have been designed according to Vaastu.

Over the years, there has been a clear cut demand for Vaastu compliant properties but earlier people did not have many options due to unawarness.

Are Real Estate developers now forced to follow Vaastu while designing their structures?

Many of my clients have agreed that Vaastu was significant enough to impact their house purchase prices. Buildings and plots that don’t conform to Vaastu command a lower price. Those who make an investment in property are concerned about the return on investment and they believe that Vaastu compliant property can fetch them higher returns from the non-Vaastu compliant one.

Before buying a property , Vaastu Audit should be duly conducted by a reputed consultant.

Vaastu means the physical environment and Shastra means the knowledge. The combination of the two is known as Vaastu Shastra? Which means the knowledge of the physical environment. This ancient science is based on the principles of controlling two basic forces-Positive forces and the Negative forces. Any architectural design either brings in some good effects or evil effects on the persons inhabitating the structure.

The ill effects are numerous so, instead of blaming your luck and destiny, the right move is to get the Vaastu Experts consulted before buying the house or for getting your home renovated for leading the life full of happiness, wealth, healthy life, success in married life, success in relationships, success in business and other fields.

Corporate Vaastu:

MNC’s, who come to India are more particular about Vaastu in their offices, because of the benefits derived from this wonder science.

While MNCs are brushing up on Vaastu, traditional Indian business houses have progressed to the next stage where factors like magnetic fields, the sun’s movement and energy flow are considered before beginning new construction.

The importance of Vaastu can be seen in making websites and also for Logos of companies and it’s product. The instance can be seen with a cold drink manufacturer whose sales graph rose after going in for such changes and the misfortune to two airlines which were grounded due to this flaw.

The Corporates are in love with the Vaastu Mantra. Some swear by it while others hate to admit it. But because most people are western educated they feel it will project an inward looking image in a Hitech World when everyone is looking west-wards.

Subbir Kumar Datta

(Residential & Industrial

Vaastu Counsultant)