when jharkhand will grow


from  last 9 years many government    comes and   goes and  even its uncertain.  jmm wants  his   rule ,  bjp wants their kingdom  to set even congree searching the way  for their chance, even jvm still with their ajanda, its  only happening in the jharkhand only . in 5 months the   government struggling to save  its  own status ,  many  companies and   come and many goes  but    only few survive to set them self in the state .taugh to know  whats  jmm wants  and even the bjp,  what it mean  25 25 months  for   them  like 20 20 cricket  and   both wants  to bat  first , what they  want to show  and whats inside  only they  know  , its  democracy we all know  but  now its  happening   like   ruling the  kingdom ,  parties   fighting for  the throne , when  one issue resolved other   issues  take  birth …. still jharkhand is  struggling to  survive , many  things happend  while in election   lots  of advertise ment  on  local news  papers  like prabhat khabar , hindustan and  many  more  to   give  vote to  right  parties and   right candidate but  ..   what happen lastly nothing, same  status , money game  and  peoples still open hand  nothing to give    nothing to take .

At least they  must  run the  government rather then  fighting for the throne.if they really wants  any thing for  the  state just work the  peoples  and  as  all   are our  own  brother and  sisters, lets see  what they do go  for  development  or   go  for   next election …

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